SEO Tips: Ways to Rebrand Your Website Without Losing Web Traffic

Rebranding a website may be necessary if the current one does not meet a company’s goals. If you have great products or services without the brand to match them, you are missing out.

Rebranding a site, however, may affect the ranking of a site on search engines because there is new information. A site may also lose traffic when users are not able to access it.

Choosing a Brand Name

Several aspects will carry weight when rebranding a site, and the brand name is one of the fundamentals that you must contemplate keenly. A brand name should be an extension of a product or services. Carry out research to understand what potential issues you may face when selecting a brand name.

After deciding the name, you are going to use, update your social profiles. Your customers must know about the change to avoid confusion, and assure clients that they are indeed dealing with the same company.


It is usually advisable to maintain your old domain when rebranding a site. However, it may not always be possible so ensure that you have redirect firmly in place. Failure to redirect may have a negative effect on SEO. Redirects ensure that you lose as little traffic as possible when transitioning from one site to another.

Connecting a New and Old Site

One fear that most business site owners have during rebranding is losing traffic and search engine rankings. When getting a new site, it is useful to keep the old one up for a short time.

It takes time for people and servers to detect changes, so having the old site will suit that purpose. Leaving the old site on the previous IP address for about a week or two will take care of any potential delays.