SEO Tips: How to Optimise Your Facebook Business Page Effectively

An optimised Facebook business page is increasingly important in the quest to attract both new customers and repeat sales. Many forward-thinking companies recognise that the popular social network makes sharing and reaching out easy, as much for attracting new sales and prospects as between satisfied customers themselves. Making these referrals as easy as a simple click on the customers’ part helps build business organically and will lead to raised revenue.

To make the most of your business profile on Facebook, having a meaningful, brand name should be considered. After a business page has received twenty-five likes, current Facebook policy allows the account holder to customise the page name. Changing the page name to something recognisable and something that captures the essence of your business is best.

A maximum of 160 characters is recommended for advantageous results when it comes to meta descriptions, since this character limit allows the entire description to be displayed. Minimise the use of hyphens and avoid underscores for best results. On Facebook business pages, the page title becomes the meta title tag and the short description becomes the page meta description tag.

For better local search result rankings, it is important to complete the business account profile, including key information such as telephone number, address and postcode. In particular, make sure that the ‘About’ page has no blanks. Repeatedly mentioning your business’ physical location also helps boost local SEO efforts.

Use keywords strategically throughout the page, distributed evenly while retaining meaningful text. A Call-to-Action button such as ‘Buy’ or ‘Order now’ should be used too, linked to a functioning transaction page. Try to keep your CTA short and engaging.

Finally, take advantage of saved replies and the ‘Away’ button. These increase productivity while keeping customers well-informed. In combination, these practical steps foster your online growth.


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