Web Design: Some Costly Mistakes Every Site Owner Should Really Avoid

Aesthetics is something that can either make or break your website. However, it takes more than just flashy effects and colorful texts to get visitors to stay on your site. Web design should be about making all the elements like font, images, videos, etc. work together to create an appealing online façade for your company. To that end, there are many things that could go wrong with web design. Here are examples of mistakes you should keep an eye out for:

Design Inconsistency

If there’s one thing users hate more than pop-up ads, it’s inconsistency in design. You want your website to have a professional look to it, and randomly jamming in design ideas that you think would look great is not the best way to go about it. For instance, clashing colors might put off potential customers. You should pick a theme for your website that captures the essence of your business or at least reflects the colors of your company logo.

Fonts that change throughout the page are also not aesthetically pleasing. If you want variety in your font styles, it’s best to pick fonts that are not too distinctly dissimilar from the main one you are using for the site. Font size also matters for your users no whether they’re browsing on phones, tablets or computers. Avoid using fonts that are too small or too big for better readability.

Minimal Image Use

Average online users have a relatively short attention span. Since most of them browse on the go, they expect website to load quickly. While using pictures adds a certain visual appeal and lets you express ideas more than words can, it’s best to keep image use at a minimal. Images with higher resolutions tend to slow down load times. The trick is to wisely pick where to use images.

Concise Content

Content is a part of web design too, and following up on the theme of users having short attention span, you should keep content brief and concise. However, you should also keep in mind that content should be engaging and informative.


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