Design for Optimal Conversion: The Fundamentals of an Ideal Web Design

The temptation to go all out on your website’s design is understandable, especially if it’s your first time having one. Though having an appealing web design is definitely an important factor, don’t fall into the trap of losing sight of what your website should really be about: a platform wherein visitors are converted into satisfied customers.

With conversion being the main goal, your website should have these design elements integrated among its pages.

Responsive Web Design

Now that more people are conducting searches through their mobile devices, having a responsive design is something that you can no longer ignore. In fact, you’re already jeopardising your business simply by failing to optimise your website for mobile devices.

Clear Calls-to-Action

There are calls-to-action, then there are effective calls-to-action found on websites. What differentiates between the two is how they are able to strike visitors visually. Simple changes like opting for a more effective headline and integrating meaningful graphics are enough to double your website’s conversion rate.

Calls-to-action are even more effective when placed at the top fold of the website. Since it’s among the first things that a visitor would see upon entering your website, it’s one element that can either make or break your efforts.

Focus on the User

More than designing for the search engine, your website should be designed with the end users in mind. From your website’s navigation to your forms, every element of their experience should go as smoothly as possible. Otherwise, you’re basically dissuading them from visiting your website.

With this in mind, you can seek help from web design experts to help you create a website that can turn simple online visitors into loyal customers.


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