SEO Tips: How to Optimise Your Facebook Business Page Effectively

An optimised Facebook business page is increasingly important in the quest to attract both new customers and repeat sales. Many forward-thinking companies recognise that the popular social network makes sharing and reaching out easy, as much for attracting new sales and prospects as between satisfied customers themselves. Making these referrals as easy as a simple click on the customers’ part helps build business organically and will lead to raised revenue. Continue reading


Handling Images in a Responsive Website Design

Responsive web design keeps growing, but one aspect that keeps challenging designers is the use of images. Designers have to use various methods to come up with flexible images for responsive design. The use of adaptive images with PHP script is one option that you can consider for your site. Adaptive images resize automatically after detecting the screen size of your website visitor. These types of images are default with PHP and don’t need any markup changes.
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Doing SEO on An e- Ccommerce Website

The most common mistake ofe-commerce website owners is to have duplicate content on their product descriptions. Search engines are quick to penalise any product content that does not appear original. One type of content mistake is using product description from manufacturers verbatim. To correct this, ensure that you create original content for all your product descriptions.
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Implementing a Responsive Web Design to Improve the User’s Experience

The development of mobile sites is not what it used to be. Responsive web design has made it possible for developers to come up with sites that are more in tune with the devices in use. In comparison to traditional mobile websites, a responsive design seeks to improve users’ experience on mobile. Traditional approaches did not allow users to have the same privileges as desktop users, but responsive design changed that. With sites adapting to specific devices, users can access all types of content.
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SEO Tips: Ways to Rebrand Your Website Without Losing Web Traffic

Rebranding a website may be necessary if the current one does not meet a company’s goals. If you have great products or services without the brand to match them, you are missing out.

Rebranding a site, however, may affect the ranking of a site on search engines because there is new information. A site may also lose traffic when users are not able to access it.
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