Design for Optimal Conversion: The Fundamentals of an Ideal Web Design

The temptation to go all out on your website’s design is understandable, especially if it’s your first time having one. Though having an appealing web design is definitely an important factor, don’t fall into the trap of losing sight of what your website should really be about: a platform wherein visitors are converted into satisfied customers.

With conversion being the main goal, your website should have these design elements integrated among its pages.

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Take a Closer Look at Google’s AMP and How it Contributes to Your SEO

Last year, the online world was taken by storm after Google included mobile friendliness as one of the ranking factors that websites must have. This year, Google introduced the Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP, another effort to improve their users’ search experience.

Though there’s less urgency behind this latest technology, AMP is definitely something that you should consider, especially if you want your website to experience better SEO.

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Responsive Web Design and its Benefits for a Successful SEO Strategy

Responsive website designs have now become extremely important in terms of client engagement, visual presentation and search engine rankings. What factors make this approach so very beneficial?

Responsive Versus Traditional Web Design

The biggest difference between a responsive website design and its traditional counterpart is the fact that it enables the user to fashion one portal which can be viewed across multiple platforms such as personal computers, mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, discrete pages will always display correctly.
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Some Helpful Insights on Carrying Out a Successful Local SEO Campaign

Local search engine optimisation is imperative when looking to improve traffic. SEO that is localised caters to a specific target audience and provides the right exposure. When a site has images, links, and content that meet the needs of a local market, more visitors find their way to it. At the same time, scatering to proximity-based searches improves traffic and conversion rates. Many searchers today use online means to find local businesses, opening a large market to optimise for. Users don’t have to exert effort to find the information they need.
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Web Design: Some Costly Mistakes Every Site Owner Should Really Avoid

Aesthetics is something that can either make or break your website. However, it takes more than just flashy effects and colorful texts to get visitors to stay on your site. Web design should be about making all the elements like font, images, videos, etc. work together to create an appealing online façade for your company. To that end, there are many things that could go wrong with web design. Here are examples of mistakes you should keep an eye out for: Continue reading

SEO Cleanup 101: Why Your Website Needs to Cut Ties With Bad Links

Any SEO expert would caution you to be careful with your website’s backlinks especially since search engines nowadays give heavy penalties to those who don’t. Google, for example, is in the habit of manually removing low quality sites from their index. What does this mean for sites linked to them? They suffer a decline in rankings. Continue reading